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Chocolate Mono Diet Results

185g Cadbury Dairy Milk

200g Bournville Dark

(NET 385g)

1.5L water

Result = -0.5lbs*

*Currently on my period 

(Not doing this diet everyday because it’s dangerous but I’ll post a summary whenever I do do it.)



I’m so excited

So I have recently discovered mono dieting and i’m so glad i know about it now! Yesterday I did the chocolate mono diet where the only thing I ate was chocolate (only smooth types, no lumps/nuts/crunch etc allowed) and water. You don’t need to count calories just grams. I had 185g of cadbury dairy milk and 200g of bournville dark. The next morning I lost 0.5lbs. Not much compared to everyone elses results that I’ve read but I think this is due to being on my period. 

Side effects I encountered:

- feeling terribly sick

- bloating

- no energy/feeling weak

- weird tummy noises

Last night I told myself I wouldn’t do it again because just the thought of chocolate made me want to be sick but this morning  that definitely changed. I restricted like usual today to give my body some nutrients but i’m going to do it again tomorrow. I’m then going to give myself a break over the weekend and do it again on Monday. I can’t wait for my period to end because I want to know accurate results!

I’ve researched this diet so much and 98% of the feedback is positive. Also pretty much everyone is saying that you lose fat and not water weight. This diet is clearly very very dangerous as it is the equivalent of water fasting because your body doesnt absorb anything from the chocolate (hence why you lose weight) so I definitely need to make sure I give myself rest days and also brush my teeth more regular haha!



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